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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

Spruce & Nest is located in Yarmouth, Maine and serves the Greater Portland area. If you have an organizing project in another part of the state, reach out and we can discuss how to make it work.


How can I book my organizing session?

You can start by requesting a free consultation to talk about your project. If you're ready to jump in, let us know you are ready to schedule in your initial inquiry and we'll send over our availability for half-day, full day, and multi-day organizing and decluttering packages.


How much does it cost?

Organizing projects vary widely -- from closets to entire attics and garages. During your free consultation, we can help you estimate how long your project may take and recommend a length of time to work together. We have organizing and decluttering packages that start at $300 for a half day.


Do I have to be there while the organizing is happening?

You should plan to spend 30 minutes to an hour with us at the start of the first visit looking at the space and reviewing goals. When you book your session, you'll receive a short preparation guide to make sure we make the most of our time together in person. Throughout the organizing project, we will likely have occasional questions. You are welcome to stay nearby to answer these as they arise, or we can text, video chat, or have a close-out session to go over your next steps.


Will I need to purchase new storage products?

This is up to you! Often we can find enough storage options in the home already, but if more products are needed or if you prefer a specific look or want to upgrade any of your current storage pieces, we will assist with purchasing the right items to make the most of your space. In most cases, we recommend budgeting an additional $200-$500 (or more for larger projects) for purchases. We also keep a collection of gently used items that we source from resale shops, yard sales, and our clients that we are happy to offer as a lower-priced, sustainable option.


If I am decluttering, what happens to all my stuff?

Decluttering is an important first step before moving on to organizing the items you want to keep in your home (even if it's just tossing expired makeup from your vanity!). You may choose to declutter before your first session, work together with us to declutter, or provide guidelines so we can sort items for your review after the session. Complimentary removal of items to donate is included in all organizing packages.

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